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Welcome to the California Watershed Posse membership page. The Posse has partnered with numerous organizations over the years. Below please find a current list of partners and a partial list of other Organizations with whom we have worked.



The Natural Resource Conservation Service of the US Department of Agriculture has a new Technical Resources website. The site includes a large list of available tools and information to aid various types of research. Sample categories include:
- Conservation practices
- Water resources
- Streams
- Technical References

Technical Information, Resources, Tools, Models and Data



NRCS recently unveiled a web-based registry of technical experts that will make it easier for landowners to meet conservation goals by finding service providers online. TechReg-the technical service provider registry-will allow interested individuals and organizations to apply and request certification on the Internet. Users of TechReg will be able to list their services, credentials, accomplishments and progress. In addition, farmers and ranchers will be able to locate and choose technical service providers authorized to provide services to their area.