SOB vs. BOS Stable/Affordable Housing Appeal

December 26, 2001
To: Honorable SMC Board of Supervisors
From: Oscar & Andrea Braun
Subject: Stable/Affordable Housing Appeal of PLN-1999-00079

    The purpose of this letter is to respectfully request that the Board of Supervisors uphold the SMC Planning Commission's legalization of our horse stable and affordable housing without conditions or mitigation measures. We request that the Board also take into consideration the following track record of the appellants during their review.

    On December 6, 1995, Lenny Roberts told the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors that they are ``partners" with the Committee for Green Foothill and Sierra Club for implementing the 1994 Coastside Protection Initiative. Ms. Roberts directed the Board of Supervisors to instruct the Planning Commission to begin the legislative process contained in their 1994 initiative. The Board was further instructed that the Planning Commission focus only on the specific amendments contained in their initiative and not broaden the proposal beyond that. These specific amendments included: Reduction of government expenditures; reduction of costs to San Mateo County taxpayers for roads, law enforcement, fire protection, and other government services for scattered and remote development (aka Rural Lands). The initiative defined perceived ``Development Treats" and claimed that pressure for extensive development on the Coastside was severe, especially with proposed construction of increased water supplies, additional sewage treatment facilities, and larger highways.

   The official public record shows what accomplishments the 1994 Coastside Protection Partnership has brought to the voters of San Mateo County and the quality of life on the Coastside.

  • In 1999 & 2000 San Mateo County was found to be the most polluted county in the Bay Area...from sewage discharge and stormwater runoff by the Natural Resource Defense Council.
  • All roads in the San Mateo County coastal zone are sub-standard and the CGF/Sierra Club Tunnel boondoggle has successfully failed the EIR process for the third time. The Tunnel Task Force greatest achievement has been Devil's Slide Hwy 1 improvement delay and loss of Federal funding.
  • The San Mateo County Wildlands/Urban Interface (WUI) now has the highest risk level in history for a catastrophic WUI wildfire threatening the Bay Area's regional water system. The CCWD currently cannot deliver enough water or head pressure in the event of a WUI fire in approximately 40% of the Coastside.
  • Effectively blocked PMAC supported flood control implementation measures to protect CDF Fire/Rescue/Emergency access to Pescadero from the West continues to be delayed . Endless CCC appeals resulting in: No Boys & Girls Club, no middle schools, no nun convents, no expanded health care clinic services, no affordable housing for our community employees, even less substandard sheriff and fire protection throughout the Rural Lands.
  • San Mateo County has allowed, without benefit of USFWS or State Fish & Game site plan or EIR review, at least four prohibited and detrimental  commercial/industrial classified operations that violate the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act. The prohibited and detrimental commercial/industrial  operations are Shamrock Ranch, Wildlife Associates, Half Moon Bay Sealing & Paving and Johnston Ranch unlicensed landfill. The County of San Mateo Planning Commission has reclassified prohibited uses and found, based on the advice of the Planning Administrator and lobbying by the Committee for Green Foothills Lenny Roberts, that these four commercial/industrial operators activities conducted in statutory delineated critical environmentally sensitive habitats qualify as non-residential uses accessory to agriculture and permitted by right in the Planned Agricultural District on either prime or non-prime soils. By allowing these four reclassified prohibited and detrimental  commercial/industrial facilities uses to operate without benefit of EIR review or permits, the County of San  Mateo  violates both CEQA/ NEPA environmental review statutes. Clean Water Act or Endangered Species violations  disqualifies the County from receiving State or Federal permit approval (ROD) and funding.

   In closing, as stated on the record before the Planning Commission: Applicants do not concur with the Mitigation Measures for Case #PLN 1999-0079, a project to legalize Moon Acres agricultural structures. San Mateo County Environmental Services Agency, at the direction of Lenny Roberts, has conducted a four year campaign of unlawful punitive retaliation against the Braun family in response to their ``lawful whistle blowing" complaints brought by the Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation's Watershed Posse against the County. Environmental Services has coerced and unlawfully compelled the Brauns to sign the mitigation agreement document.  The Brauns have suffered significant financial damages from the actions of the San Mateo County Environmental Services Agency and are not precluded from now giving their notice of intent (NOI) to file a criminal complaint with the U.S. Attorney for violations under the U.S. anti-racketeering and environmental protection statutes.

    In our opinion,  as long as the San Mateo County Board of Supervisor's supports the agenda and purpose of the Anti-Community Alliance's (Committee for Green Foothills, Sierra Club, Peninsula Open Space Trust, Mid-Peninsula Open Space District) 1994 Coastside Protection Initiative, the quality of life, health and safety of all communities in San Mateo County will continue to be at risk.

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