BOS Final Notice of Violations: POST, Half Moon Bay Sealing & Paving, Wildlife Associates

January 17, 2002

To: Honorable Jerry Hill, President, San Mateo County Board of Supervisors
From: Oscar Braun, Executive Director, WQPP California Watershed Posse
Subject: Final Notice of Violations: POST, Half Moon Bay Sealing & Paving, Wildlife Associates

Dear Jerry,

Enclosed please find three Notices of Violations (NOV) of the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and Coastal Act  presented to the County of San Mateo over the last twenty five months. The Coastside Watershed Posse has requested that the County:
·Require the three cited violators to apply for the required Coastal Development Permits (CDP).
·Require the three cited violators to conduct  EIR studies for their illegal development within a delineated Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA),
·Require POST to fully comply with  State Water Resources Control Board, Water Quality Order No.97.03 by applying for a permit to operate a landfill.
·POST must comply with the 1998 County of San Mateo's order to conduct a full sub-surface level II (soil) assessment/survey on the entire landfill area (250 acres) while being supervised by  SWRCB certified engineers. NOTE:  The sworn declaration of Anne T. Jensen, R.E.H.S. provided by the County to the Court stated in part…."Defendant provided me with a copy of its Level I and Level II assessment of the property. The Level II assessment contained the analysis of three (3) soil borings .No water quality samples were included. At no time was I notified of the implementation of this investigation and therefore, I am unable to comment on the adequacy of the sampling. (attached please find Jensen's signed declaration before the Court)
·POST must place water quality monitoring wells throughout their Johnston Ranch landfill operation area.
·POST must acquire a NPDES permits for discharging pollutants into the States' water bodies.

The Coastside Watershed Posse has petitioned the Court to appoint the Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation as a conservator of the POST Johnston Ranch landfill holdings. The Foundation intends to establish an environmental remediation fund to benefit the Arroyo Leon and the ground water reservoir lying only fifteen feet below the landfill. The C.W.Posse is requesting for the final time that the County exercise their regulatory responsibility by enforcing full compliance with the CA, CWA, ESA environmental protection laws.  Without enforcement, the County and the  Foundation will not be able to secure any Proposition 13 funding because of  these three cited commercial and industrial non-permitted violators. We are respectfully requesting that the Planning Administrator Terry Burnes notify our Executive Director Oscar Braun, by close of business Friday the 25th of January of the County's intentions regarding issuing their Notices of Violation (NOV) for the above captioned violations.

Oscar Braun,
Executive Director

CC. Marcia Raines, Terry Burnes, Mark Delaplaine CCC, C.Sproul EPA, Loretta Barsamian RWQCB, FBI Task Force, R. Slaughter TE/GE IRS, Willy Brown, Dianne Feinstine, John Burton, Anna Eshoo, Byron Sher, Joe Simitian, Louis J. Papan,

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