MROSD Draft EIR Public Comment by Petrea Hamor

August 30, 2002

Cathy Woodbury
Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District
330 Distal Circle
Los Altos CA 94022

Dear Ms. Woodbury,

Thank-you for the opportunity to respond to the San Mateo Coastal Annexation Draft Environmental Impact Report. I wish to identify myself at the outset as an environmentalist. Not by profession but by choice.

Allowing that the EIR is after all a " draft ", I suppose some slack should be allowed that it is not a particularly impressive document except for its' bulk. Much of it seems to be a compilation of information that has been in use for a long time leaving the impression of having been put hastily together.

With all due respect for those of your association who are sincere environmentalists, I am of the opinion that we have reached here a stage of " corporate environmentalism " where concepts that " sound good " to the masses may end up " doing harm." Let me tell you that the draft EIR already reads and feels threatening to this resident of the purposed Annexation area.

The use of the term " willing seller " is an odd term given that there are myriad ways to make landowners willing to sell. To me it sounds more ominous than " eminent domain."

In the EIR Draft " Significance Criteria " has been responded to repeatedly with `` less than significant impact." It has never been " anything less than significant " when the flavor and originality of small communities are altered. It is fiction to think that these close knit small communities will retain their character!

I am concerned that there may be a large existing faction of voters who wishes all these changes in order to bring more people to the coastside for commercial reasons.

It is more than insulting to assume that another agency needs to take over the stewardship of our coastside lands. Especially an agency that has no agricultural experience amd wants to partner with existing mis-managed, under staffed and poorly funded National, State and County Government Park and Recreational Agencies.

At the very least could it be expected that these agencies put their lands in order before attempting to take over more areas?

Rural America is loosing it's identity! Are we really going to amaze the world with our stupidity by erasing all that is unique?

Should agencies be in control?

Given the protection presently in place to implement that the coastside remain undeveloped in perpetuity, it is curious that you are in such haste to grab it.

The Southcoast area has remained for generations a place of wide open spaces, agriculture, public and private recreation, Environmental Education and un-crowded public beaches.

It has communities of persons who cherish the rural character and have a great longing to remain self-determining. This community of diverse human individuals should not be stripped of its' right to continue to preserve the bountiful natural resources.

Please do not ignore that this Coastal Annexation is simply another type of development.

Please enter my voice clearly in opposition to the land takeover of the San Mateo Coastal Annexation by MROSD.

Petrea Hamor,
PO Box733,
Pescadero, CA 94060

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