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Coastside Farmer's Market

   In response to the Peninsula Open Space Trust's aka POST community outreach  for public support of their campaign to save ``THE ENDANGERED COAST",  the Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation has established the California Watershed Posse (CWP) to protect California's  future. The CWP membership is comprised of interested stakeholders, referred to as Members. The Members work cooperatively with willing landowners and governmental agencies to develop and implement integrated landscape scale Coordinated Resource Management Plans (CRMP).  The Plans will be developed by stakeholders, community based groups, homeowner's associations, and agencies to assure NEPA/CEQA compliance, ecosytem sustainability and effective Fire Safe landscape and watershed planning. The CWP is committed to developing and implementing a streamlined fast track permit approval process, that assures long term integrated management and promotion of good land stewardship within California's  watershed natural systems and its water resources in perpetuity. The Foundation's Living Legacy Program (LLP) offers benefactors an opportunity to donate money, securities, real estate or easement grants to the Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation's 501c3 non-profit community-based charitable trust .   The Foundation is proposing that POST gift ALL their unlicensed  illegal landfill and polluted San Mateo County Coastal Zone  open space land  holdings east of Highway 1 to the Half Moon Bay Coastside Foundation LLP charitable trust.  All donated  lands  in the LLP are provided remediation and stewardship  management services by the California Watershed Posse in perpetuity.


Public Opinion on Watershed Management Issues

In February 1994, the Public Research Institute, San Francisco State University on behalf of the San Francisco Water Department conducted a Public Opinion Survey Report for use in the SFPUC preparation of management plans for two Bay Area watersheds. A survey was carried out in order to ascertain public opinion on issues of water quality, goals of watershed management, recreational access to the watersheds, environmental protection, financing and other issues  related to watershed management.  Survey questions were based on SFWD goals for watershed management and on issues and input received from the public and from agencies at all levels of government. The findings of the survey allowed the SFWD to take the opinions of its public constituency into account in the planning process.


Summary of SFPUC  Public Opinion Survey

  • What watershed management goals are most important to the public? The people surveyed place water quality and environmental protection first. Asked to say which goal of watershed management they thought most important, 71% chose insuring water quality; 21%  said protecting the natural environment; 5% reducing costs to the customer; 3% providing access for recreation and education!
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